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Daria has been working in the Adult Services department since May 2015 and has enjoyed every minute of it! Her favorite genres include fantasy and magical realism, but she's also a sucker for any novel containing poetic prose. 

When she has free time, Daria likes to create intricate cards, cultivate tiny plants, bake elaborate cakes, and photograph fat birds.


Daria's Current Picks:

 Daria usually picks up enough books at once to last her for an entire month (an action that requires precarious balancing, and makes her feel as though she is robbing the library). Her current reading material typically contains 1) the Tuesday Night Adult Book Discussion novel, 2) a classic or slightly older “must read”, 3) a newer novel discovered while compiling book lists, and 4) any number of graphic novels -- the perfect short read.


Spotlight: Graphic Novels (updated 4/5/17)

There is a small section in Adult Services, right between the Korbel Room and fiction stacks, with wonderful stories told in graphic form. Here are three reasons why you should give them a chance: 1) constrained formatting results in beautiful illustrations that amplify high quality writing, 2) combining visual storytelling with words creates and maintains mood in a way regular books can’t, 3) it is a format that serves a multitude of genres, both in fiction and nonfiction. So give it a try! Perhaps you will find something that you will enjoy.


Favorite Books:

 Although Daria tries to finish every book that she begins and enjoys most the ones she picks up, she is quite finicky when it comes to labeling books as favorites. It seems that she is always chasing that one feeling, that melancholy post-reading bliss of emerging from a world that makes your own seem unreal. Intermingled below are also Daria’s favorite cookbooks.


Favorite Movies

Daria doesn’t watch movies as often as she would like, but when she does, she tends to go with dramas and comedies, or anything Studio Ghibli. Her favorite movies are those that leave an impression, that have colored her dreams or left behind an emotion lingering long after the plot is forgotten.


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