PositionNameTermCommitteesPhone Number
President Carole Bilbo  2015-2019   708-395-1295
Vice-President Jonathan M. Rivera 2013-2017 *BGPP (Chair), Finance 708-395-1297
Treasurer Terri Sorrentino  2013-2017 Finance (Chair) 708-395-1291
Secretary Elsa Volpe  2015-2019 BGPP, Finance 708-395-1294
Trustee Joe Bertolli 2013-2017 Building (Chair) 708-395-1293
Trustee Chris Pesko 2015-2019 BGPP, Building 708-395-1296
Trustee Marisa Santangelo 2015-2019 Building 708-395-1292

For your convenience the Library Board may also be contacted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Policies governing the Library Board of Trustees, such as By-laws, are located on the Library Policies page, with meeting dates, agenda, and minutes on the Agendas & Minutes page.

*BGPP is the Bylaws/Goals/Policy/Personnel committee.

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