Using a computer at the Elmwood Park Public Library is simple, and there are many options:

  • 12 Internet Computers in Adult Services (60 minutes)
  • 2 Express Internet Stations in Adult Services (20 minutes)
  • 12 Internet Computers in Youth Services (60 minutes)
  • 6 Homework Computers in Youth Services

Internet Computers for Residents with an Elmwood Park Public Library Card

If you have an Elmwood Park Public Library Card, then internet access is free.  You can get started at any computer by clicking the word AVAILABLE and typing in the barcode number from the back of your library card.  Then just agree to the terms of use and begin your hour session.  If you need more time, then just ask at a Reference Desk to have your time extended.

Internet Computers for Non-Residents

If you do not have an Elmwood Park Public Library Card, the regular 1-hour internet computers will cost a $2.00 per hour fee.  Simply visit the circulation desk and ask to use a computer, and they will collect your money and give you a receipt.  Bring that receipt to a Reference Desk, and a Librarian will assign you to the next available computer.

Express Internet Stations

We have 2 Express Internet Stations in Adult Services that available for 20 minutes sessions that are free for those with or without a Library Card.  If you do have a Library Card, just follow the same instructions for logging in to our regular Internet Computers.  If you do not have a Library Card, please speak with a Librarian at the Adult Reference Desk and they will help you login.


We understand that you concerned about your privacy when using public computers at the Library.  At the end of each timed session our computers automatically reboot, wipe any files added to the computer, and clear search histories, so personal information should never stay on our computers and will not be available to any other users.

What’s Available on Library Internet Computers?

We have lots to offer on our computers:

  • Internet browsers:  Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
  • Microsoft Office 2010:  Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Access
  • SWAN Online Catalog:  link to our catalog to search for books, movies, music and more.
  • Research & Learning:  available through the link to our website, check out one of the many research and learning databases and tools available to you for free.
  • Headphones for your listening enjoyment.
  • DVD/CD drives for listening, watching, or storing data.
  • USB Ports:  Insert your USB/Flash drives to work with saved documents.

What's Available on Homework Computers?

Our Homework Computers in Youth Services offer everything that our Internet Computers have except they do not have Internet browsers to use for general Internet searching.  These computers are intended to be for those that have projects to work on or research to do.  You do not need a Library Card to use these computers, and there is no time limit on your session.

For the Visually & Mobility Impaired

Our computers do have a few tools for the visually and mobility impaired users:

  • Magnifier:  This tool will magnify text.
  • Narrator:  This tool will convert text to speech.
  • On-Screen Keyboard:  This tool will put a keyboard on the screen so that you can type with mouse clicks, rather than with the physical keyboard.
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