jason2 250hJason has been working at the Library since 2001, starting in Kids & Teens, and now as the Assistant Director.  He loves his job and all the variety it brings, as well as interacting with staff and patrons.

Jason loves a little bit of everything, really, but is most passionate about reading, music, cooking, and gaming.  A typical Friday night finds him either snuggled on the couch with his wife, some wine, and a good book, or at a friend's house playing Settlers of Catan and other Euro board games.


Jason's Current Picks:

As mentioned above, Jason loves a little bit of everything.  His favorite reads are fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, contemporary fiction, teen, and comics.  But, since he has a decent commute, he also listens to a lot of audiobooks, which has led him to enjoy listening to memoirs read by the author.  It's a big, messy mix, but he enjoys it.


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Favorite 2018 Albums

I have diverse tastes in music, so always enjoy all the variety of artists and albums that gets released each year. While I feel like 2018 didn't have as many albums as previous years that I liked, there was still plenty of good things to listen to. So here are my favorite albums that were released in 2018:

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Favorite 2018 Reads

Here are my favorite books that I either read or listened to in 2018 (but not necessarily released in 2018).  While I read a lot of great things last year, by far my favorite was Gentleman in Moscow.  Here's hoping we all have a great new year filled with lots of wonderful books!

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Favorite Christmas Music

These are a few of my favorite things... I love the family gatherings, food, lights, and decorations. But most of all I love Christmas/Holiday music! 

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Here are some of Jason's favorite fantasy series.  There's nothing like a good, fat, fantasy series full of magic, mystery, war, romance, and fantastic world building.  Listed are the first volumes in the series.


Scandinavian Mysteries

Jason has also been on a Scandinavian mystery/thriller kick lately.  Something about the culture and the cold, maybe?  He's not really sure why.  Anyway, here are some of the series he's been reading, plus a couple on his list to try.  Listed are the first volumes in the series.



Music: Indie Folk Rock

Jason loves music of all kinds, but lately has been listening to a lot alternative folk rock, if that's what you call it.  He has been very excited that Mumford & Sons have made it a little more mainstream.  Here are some of his favorites, with a range of very folksy to very rocky:

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