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tiffany 250h

Tiffany has been a Librarian for closing-in-on 30 years and spent the majority of her career as a Youth Services Librarian. Tiffany finds fun and relaxation in music, dancing, exercise, baking, movies and books - much of which she shares with her husband, who is a computer programmer and musician.

Tiffany has run two marathons, but got the biggest kick from her two Soldier Field 10-Mile races and finishing at the goal posts in the stadium. She’s currently kept on the run by her 1st Grader, so some of the current reads list is all him! Enjoy!


Tiffany's Current Picks:



Favorite Teen Fiction

As a former Youth & Young Adult Services Department Head (at another library), Tiffany spent 13 years presenting annual recommended reading lists to middle schoolers with the Teen Librarian. She read at least 40 teen novels each year in this capacity and still loves them. She has no particular genre favorites and is drawn to fantasy, sci-fi, history, sports, realistic and thrillers equally, perhaps only actively avoiding romance.


Favorite Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction

As an English major, poet, and an editor for the student poetry journal at UIC, Tiffany grew to love many classics and contemporary gems, but didn’t read many adult books due to working directly with kids and teens. Now that she’s a Library Director and married to an avid sci-fi, graphic novel, and music buff, she’s expanded her reading world and is ready to discover and share more faves.


Favorite Movies

Some music and movies just stick with you, sometimes from when you were 12 years old. One of the first families on the block to get cable way back when, Tiffany has a lot of 80s faves and classics that she watched with her mom (think Cary Grant). 


Favorite Music

As for music, the formative post-punk, Industrial and Goth movements of the late 80s and 90s swept her away and still rank as music she would listen to anytime, anywhere. Did anyone else frequent the North Side to go dancing at Medusa’s or shopping at The Alley?


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