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Phil has been working in the Adult Services department for the last year. He does the majority of his reading with eBooks and audiobooks, but loves to sit down with a print book when he gets the chance.

When he is not at the library, Phil is often engaging with the local punk scene. There is plenty of great music being made in the Chicago area. Phil recommends The Cheap Dates (his brother’s band), Seasonal Men’s Wear, Davey Dynamite, Bombflower, Flesh Panthers, Turbo Vamps, The Kreutzer Sonata, Meat Wave, Still Alive, Butchered, The Baby Magic and Nervous Passenger. Look for free streams on bandcamp.


Phil's Current Picks:

Phil reads thrillers and realistic fiction most often, but will pick up anything if it sounds interesting. He is also a big fan of narrative non-fiction.


Favorite Punk Albums:

In addition to the local bands mentioned above, there are a load of punk albums available in SWAN. Here are some of Phil’s favorite punk albums.


Favorite Teen Fiction:

Phil enjoys working in Adult Services but he still cannot get enough young adult fiction. It is not only for young people! Here are some of his top picks.


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