sean 250h

Sean started his first library job as a shelver in 2004. He loved it so much that he continued working at public libraries in both Illinois and Colorado. As the Teen Services Associate, Sean enjoys working with midkids and teens; it’s an added bonus that he gets paid for it.

Outside of the library you can find him reading, watching Netflix, and playing board games.


Sean's Current Picks:   



All Time Favorite Books:

Sean enjoys a little of everything. Children’s, teen, urban fantasy, and romance seem to be his favorite. Throw in some classics and spooky mysteries while you’re at it. Here is a list of some books he would totally recommend.


Favorite Graphic Novels & Mangas:

Sean is obsessed with graphic novels and manga. His list is way too long but here are some he’s really enjoyed.


Sean's Favorite Current TV Shows:

Sean enjoys shows with strong female leads, laughter, and a bit of magic. These are shows he can watch over and over.


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