The Library lobby remodel is done and looks great.  If you haven't had the chance to see it yet, stop on by, grab a snack from the vending machine, and sit in one of the new comfy chairs.

lobby after1 850w

lobby after2 850w

lobby after3 850w

lobby after4 850w

It's a beautiful transformation from the lobby as it was before:

lobby before 850w


See below for the most recent and past updates, the original project design, and more.



May 9 - Our lobby remodel project is mostly finished, and the lobby is back open for business!  All check out and library card services have returned to the lobby with Circulation Staff in their new desk. 

With the opening of the lobby there are lots of new and returning items.  The Snack Space is open, with some of our furniture ready for seating (we are waiting on some repairs and some back-ordered pieces). You can now get yourself a snack or cold beverage from our healthy vending machine.  There is a new community information kiosk that is also housing our Beyond Books collection.  And lastly, we have a new TV screen displaying the usual slides advertising programs and services. But new to the TV is information about events that are happening Today & Tomorrow, complete with times, audience level, and room location.  And lastly, the Friends book sale shelves have returned.  

Despite all the new things, finishing touches are still in the works. Coming soon: additional lounge chairs, welcome banner, new directional signage & maps, artwork & local history display, canvas tote bags for checkout, and the return of the Giving Tree.

It should all be complete by the end of the month. Join us for an Open House on Saturday, June 8 from 1-3 p.m. to check out the new space. We'll have coffee, free samples from the vending machine, and library mug giveaways. (while supplies last)

 doneish collage1 850w

doneish collage2 850w


April 25 - We are getting very close to  the end of the project. Today wood paneling is being installed in the Snack Space, and some clean up details are taking place in staff areas.

Upcoming: we are expecting the new vending machine to be delivered Friday;  much of the furniture to be delivered early next week;  we should be moving Circulation services and staff out of the meeting room and into their new desk in the middle of next week.

lobby snack paneling 

April 17 - Yesterday the first bit of beautiful wood wall paneling was installed in the main lobby. More will be installed in the Snack Space at the beginning of next week. But today workers have begun putting together the new Circulation Desk.  Circulation staff are very excited about their new home!

lobby wood paneling


April 5 - It's been a productive week.  The walls have been painted, carpeting has been installed in the lobby, and flooring put down in the new Snack Space. Next week the leftover wall and floor work will continue and hopefully finish up while other details are being worked on.  It's starting to come together and we're getting excited!

lobby carpet flooring in 800w


April 3 - You have probably noticed that our dust barriers have come down, so you can now peek into the room that is going to be the Snack Space. The first coats of paint were also applied earlier this week, and the finishing coats should be done by the weekend.  Carpeting was delivered today, and so should begin to be installed on Thursday.

lobby paint snack collage 800w


March 29 - We are wrapping up week six, and are on schedule for the project to be competed by the end of April. A lot of electrical and other prep work continues behind the dust barrier, which are necessary before some of the larger elements can begin. But we are excited for some of the big visual aspects to start taking shape in the next week or two.

Things you will have been able to see is that prep work continues on the flooring, so that carpeting can be installed in the next couple of weeks.

The wallpaper has also been removed, with the walls being prepped for painting, which should begin next week. at the moment, painting is scheduled to be done during the hours we are closed, so should not impact service or access.

And again, while we have air purifiers and fans going during these processes, if you find you are still sensitive to the dust, we do have free masks available at the Circulation Desk (in the meeting room) for you to take. Thanks again for your patience during this project!

lobby week6 1 300h lobby week6 2 300h


March 19 - We were closed this past Sunday, and now our tile floor is gone! So that workers can continue work without being in your way, they have also put up new dust barriers in the lobby. Don't worry, though, you can still get to Adult Services, and Kids & Teens via the elevator and stairs. Coming up will be carpeting and demolition of the wallpaper.

lobby flooring gone caption 800w


March 11 - This coming week our builders will begin demolition of the flooring. In order for workers to access and work on the flooring of the entrance and main walkways without impeding public access to the building, the Library will be closed this Sunday, March 17 all day. Therefore work can continue without interruption, and with the least amount of distraction and impact on service. We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your patience!


February 25 - The old Circulation desk has been removed. It will be replaced towards the end of the project with a new desk.

Demolition has also begun behind the dust barriers, creating the space for our future snack and sitting area.

desk gone 400w  future snack space 400w

first day collage 500w

February 18 - The project has officially begun. Most everything has been removed from the lobby, and dust barriers are being put up. 

The Circulation Department has now officially been moved into the Ferrentino Meeting Room, which is near the Library's entrance, across from the washrooms. 

Please take all of your checkouts & renewals, hold pickups, returns, fines, and other library card questions to the Circulation staff in the Ferrentino Meeting Room. 

February 14 - The Friends book sale shelves have been temporarily removed.

February 6 - The Giving Tree has been temporarily removed.

February 4 - The community bulletin board and the shelf underneath in the lobby has been temporarily removed.

February 4 - The Friends book donation bin has been temporarily been relocated to the entrance vestibule.

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Project Design

lobby project may1 2019 800w

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Project

Q: What is happening in the Lobby?
A: Our latest building improvement is a renovation of the Library's lobby and Circulation Services area, which includes a new snack space, vending, furniture, device re-charging options, and easy access materials return. Construction will include painting, carpet installation, reconfiguration of the front desk, and the addition of new signage. To get a look at our paint and furniture choices, take a look at the design board in the lobby and on our website.


Q: That sounds nice, but is it really necessary? Why do this now?
A: For the last five years, the Library has steadily been working on building improvements to meet the changing needs of the community and improve staff service areas and work efficiencies, and reduce sound echoing through the atrium. This project is the last building improvement listed in our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan, which was based on community input. Previously, new floor layouts, paint, furniture, and study rooms were added to Adult Services and Kids & Teens departments, and the Kids & Teens program room has been remodeled and renamed the Imaginarium.


Q: Who is the Library using to make this project happen?
A: The Library has built a strong working relationship with Product Architecture + Design over the last 8 years, a firm that has completed over 30 distinctive library projects in the Chicagoland area. They also designed our study room and Imaginarium projects, as well as the reorganization of Adult Services and Kids & Teens departments. The construction firm that was awarded the public bid contract is Builders Land, Inc., which has worked on many government and educational projects in the northern suburbs.


Q: How long is the project going to last?
A: The project officially begins on Monday, February 18 and the majority of it should be done by Friday, April 19, with the week after allowed for taking care of any loose ends.


Q: What type of vending will you have?
A: We will be offering snack and cold drink vending. This past fall we conducted a survey to gather opinions about your preferred choices, which is guiding our search for a vending company. But while we will be doing our best to offer the selections that were most popular, we will be limited by the choices and restrictions of the vending company we choose. We will be tracking the sales of the offered items so that we can adapt as needed. We will also continue to offer coffee and hot chocolate at special times throughout the year, though we will not have any permanent coffee dispensing.


Q: Does this mean I can also bring my own food and eat in other areas of the Library?
A: Our current policy states that you are allowed food and covered drinks in the Library, as long as they are not too smelly, are not distracting to others, and do not damage or dirty the Library. While you may enjoy your covered beverage at the computer, we prefer that you do NOT eat food at the computers. No matter what, please just remember to clean up after your drink or snack so that we can all keep enjoying a clean space.


Q: Will the Library be making money from the vending machines?
A: No. We will be contracting with an outside vending company with the arrangement that we provide the space, and they provide for and take care of the machines.


Q: What flooring changes are you making?
A: The new space and seating will have wood laminate, while the main entry and lobby will have carpet squares. The Library has experienced various issues with our tile flooring that have been difficult to manage, including noise and slippery conditions. We anticipate that carpet squares will address these main thoroughfare problems by absorbing sound and being safer to walk on. It will also be easier for the Library to manage the cleaning and repair of both carpet squares and laminate.  


Q: How is the Library paying for this project?
A: The Library is paying for our project from two different sources. The first is with funds from the Live & Learn Construction Grant that was awarded to us by the Illinois State Library, a department of the Office of the Secretary of State.  The remaining cost of the project is being paid from the Library’s Building Fund, a reserve fund that is designated for capital projects, which include building improvements and maintenance. (This is the second grant the Library has received in the past four years -our Kids & Teens remodel was also funded this way).



Q: Will the Library remain open during the project?
A: For the most part, yes. While we anticipate remaining open the entire time, this will depend on the construction’s schedule of tasks. There is the possibility that we may need to open late or close entirely for one or two days, but if this is required, we will give as much notification to the public as possible via our website, social media, eNewsletter, and signage posted within the lobby.


Q: Will it be noisy and dusty?
A: We ask for your patience during this time as it is inevitable that there will be some noise and dust during a construction project. The construction company will be doing their best to minimize both by putting up dust barriers and plastic to contain the dust, as well as doing the most noisy work in the hours before the Library opens. If you are still concerned about, or experiencing dust, the Library will have a supply of face masks available upon request at the Circulation Desk in the Ferrentino Meeting Room.


Q: Will you still be able to walk through the lobby to get to the stairs or elevator?
A: Yes. We have planned that any work that impacts walking through the lobby should take place before the Library opens. There will be caution tape or other pathways laid out on the floor for you to walk on to get you safely to the stairs, the elevator, and the Adult Services Department. When wallpaper removal and painting are taking place there will be workers and ladders on the perimeter of the lobby, which will be sectioned off as mentioned above.


Q: Will parking be impacted during the construction?
A: The staff parking lot in the rear of the building will be half occupied by the construction worker parking and an extra dumpster. But aside from displacing staff to park in the village lot between Village Hall and the Fire Department, public parking generally should not be impacted at all.


Circulation & Check Out

Q: What happened to the Circulation Desk?
A: In order for the new flooring to be installed, the usual Circulation Desk will be temporarily removed. Also, while we hope to mitigate the noise and dust, the lobby may still not be the optimal place to conduct library business. Therefore, during the course of the project the Circulation staff have taken up residence in the Ferrentino Meeting Room, which you can find immediately to your left upon entering the building. (All functions of the department will take place there - see follow up questions below)


Q:  Can I still check out material?
A:  Yes, you should visit Circulation in the Ferrentino Meeting Room to check out your material, as well as for any other library card related needs and issues. You can also use the self-check machines that are located in Adult Services and the foyer outside of Kids & Teens on the second floor.


Q: Where should I pick up my library holds?
A: All of the holds waiting for pickup have moved with Circulation into the Ferrentino Meeting Room, so you can pick up your holds and check them out there.


Q: I need to get or renew a library card, pay my fines, or do other things related to my library card account.  Where can I do these things?
A: As with all the above, you can take care of all of these things at the temporary Circulation Desk in the Ferrentino Meeting Room.


Q: I normally do my faxing at the Circulation Desk. Will that service still be available?
A: Yes. As with all the above, you can ask to fax at the relocated Circulation Desk. But if you would like, we recommend using our copiers to scan your documents to email. Scanning is free, and the Adult Services staff will be happy to show you how to do it.


Other Library Services

Q: What happened to the community information in the lobby, such as bus schedules?
A: The bus schedules and Rules of the Road will be located at the Circulation Desk in the Ferrentino Meeting Room for the duration of the project.  Other community information has been temporarily removed until the project is over. There is a bulletin board in the foyer outside of Kids & Teens on the second floor and some community links on our website.


Q: Will the Library still be hosting programs during the length of the project?
A: Yes, we will. Several of the programs that were originally scheduled to be in the Ferrentino Meeting Room during this period have been moved to the Lower Level Meeting Room and other locations. Just check our Evanced online program calendar (or ask staff) to see where your program is taking place. If, for any reason, a program needs to be cancelled during this time, we will mark it cancelled through the online calendar and notify any participants that had been signed up.


Q: I haven’t attended any programs in the Lower Level Meeting Room. How do I get down there?
A: The same stairwell that leads up to the Kids & Teens Department also leads down into the basement. And while our elevator does not go to the basement without a special key, staff will be standing by to help you get to a program in the lower level if you are unable to take the stairs.


Q: Will the meeting rooms be available to reserve during the project?
A: As mentioned in a previous question, the Circulation Department is moving all check out and other Circulation services to the Ferrentino Meeting Room. Therefore the Ferrentino Meeting Room will not be available to reserve during the course of this project. But the Lower Level Meeting Room, Korbel Room, and study rooms will all still be available for reservations.


Q: What happened to the Friends’ book sale shelves and donation bin?
A: For the duration of the remodel we have temporarily suspended the book sale and removed the shelves. We also ask that you please do not bring in any book donations until the project is over.


Q: What happened to the Giving Tree?
A: Our Giving Tree, which lists the names of folks who have generously donated to us over the years, has been temporarily removed. It will return when the project is over.


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