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This guide will walk you through the details of using the Search Bar on our new SWAN Online Catalog.

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Select Search Limit:

This box (1) will allow you to choose where and what you are searching. 

If you are inside the Library using our computers, this box will default to be Elmwood Park Public Library.  If you are searching from somewhere else (or from your device wherever you are, including inside the Library), then this box will default to Everything.

If you are not using a Library computer, then please use this URL:

  • search limit 300Everything (2) - This option will search physical material in all SWAN libraries and digital material to which only Elmwood Park Public Library patrons have access.
  • Library Search (3) - This searches ONLY physical material but in ALL libraries.  This EXCLUDES all digital material.
  • Digital Search (4) - This searches only digital material that Elmwood Park patrons have access to, and EXCLUDES all physical material.
  • Elmwood Park Public Library (5) - This searches physical and digital material only available at the Elmwood Park Public Library.  It will show if other libraries own the material, but will NOT search other libraries.

For all of these options, if the Elmwood Park Public Library owns the item, our name will appear at the top of the list of owning libraries.  If you do not see us, we do not own the item, though you may want to double check the On Order tab.

Select Search Field:

This box (6) will allow you to choose what type of search you want to conduct:

  • search field 300All Fields (7) - This is an overall Keyword search.  So for whatever search terms you enter, the catalog will search the title, author, subject, description, etc. for those terms.
  • Title (8) - This will only search any title fields.
  • Author (9) - This will only search any author fields.
    • With our new catalog, name order no longer matters in your search
      (i.e. you can search James Patterson OR Patterson, James and both will work)
    • Please note that there are many different types of authors.  We try to note alternate authors, translators, corporate authors, people who write introductions, etc.  So if you search for an author and get somewhat odd results, sometimes it is because their name showed up places other than the main author field.
  • Subject (10) - This searches the subject field.
  • Series Title (11) - If you know the name of the series (e.g. Keys to the Kingdom), you can search for it here.  Please note that this is dependent on whether we catalogued the item with a series title, so may not always work.  (e.g. searching King and Maxwell only returns 2 books out of the 6)
  • Keyword in Author Headings (12) - This search will give you a list of authors and how many items are attached to that person.  You can click on the author's name to see the results.
  • Keyword in Subject Headings (13) - This search will give you a list of all related subject headings and how many items are attached to each heading.  Click on the subject heading to see the results.
  • ISBN (14) - This is the International Standard Book Number, and is usually a 10- or 13-digit number.

Search Box:

This box (15) is where you enter your search terms.  Things to note:

  • Spelling - Our new catalog is smarter and uses fuzzy logic when performing searches.  This means that if you spell something wrong, you will still return results.  Keep in mind this is not perfect , so the further your spelling is from being accurate, the fewer results you will get.
  • Boolean Operators no longer needed - If you used Boolean operators in our old catalog (the words "and," "or," "not"), you should no longer use them in the new catalog.  In fact, if you enter in the term "and" in the search box, the catalog will specifically search for the word "and."  To learn about advanced searching in the new catalog, see below.
  • Zero Search - You can leave the search box empty and click search to perform a Zero Search, which will bring up a list of everything!  This can be useful if you want a complete list of Blu-rays the Library owns; you would perform the Zero Search, then limit to Blu-ray to get a complete Blu-ray list.

Advanced Search:

If you want more control over your initial search, we recommend trying the Advanced Search page (16).  There are many great options for including and excluding search terms.  Once you have set up your search, just click on the Advanced Search button (17).

advanced search guide 800

  • Find items that have (18) - This is similar to a regular search.  You type in search terms, and it searches for them.
    • All these words (19) - This searches for all the terms in no particular order.
    • This exact phrase (20) - This allows you to search for an exact phrase. 
      e.g. Searching for "like a boss" will only find items that have that exact phrase, but will not return results like Undercover Boss because it only has boss and not the exact phrase "like a boss."
  • Don't show items that have (21) - This allows to exclude specific terms from your search. 
    e.g.  You can find items that have "tank engine" but don't show items that have "thomas."  This will reduce your search results from 404 items to 25 (there a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine books and videos for kids!). 
  • Additional Limits
    • Format type (22) - This allows you to limit by a particular format.  You may only choose one format on the Advanced Search page.  Please note that at the moment, many of the format names are misleading and/or broken and may not return the desired results.  Therefore, we recommend using the following as the formats you might be most interested in:
      • Audio disc (this = CD, including music CDs and audiobooks on CD)
      • Books
      • eAudiobook
      • eBook
      • Video disc (this = DVD & Blu-ray)
    • Language (23) - Choose a language for the items you are looking for.  You may only choose one language on the Advanced Search page.
    • Library (24) - Choose a specific library to see if they own what you are looking for.  You may only choose one library on the Advanced Search page.
    • Find or Don't show for Title, Author and Subject (25) - This allows you to be even more specific in what you are including and excluding in your search. 
      e.g.  I want to know what else Joss Whedon has written/directed other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  So I would Find "Joss Whedon" in the Author field, and Don't Show "Buffy" in the Title field.  This will exclude all Buffy items, but show everything else by Joss Whedon.
  • Search Targets - These are the same options as mentioned above in the Select Search Limit box.
    • Library Search (26) - This will search for physical material only (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.).  If you choose only this option it will search all SWAN libraries.
    • Digital Catalog (27) - This will search only digital material (eBooks, eAudiobooks, etc.), and by default will only search digital material available to Elmwood Park Public Library cardholders.
    • Elmwood Park Public Library (28) - This allows you to limit your search to our Library only, and it will find all physical and digital material.  Or you can combine this option with the Library Search to search for physical material only in the Elmwood Park Public Library.
  • Build your search bar (29) - This bar shows you the search terms being put together as you select different options on the Advanced page.  This will allow you to remember how to build a similar advanced search in the future without having to visit the Advanced Search page.  Please note that only the terms you type will show in this box.  Items selected with drop-down menus or check boxes will not show up here.

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