A book with pages arranged standing up in the shape of a heart.There are many ways and reasons to donate to the Library:

  • Books & Botanical Benches - A Memorial Garden for Miss Kim - Help support local Eagle Scout honor of Kim Viita with memorial garden and benches.
  • Adopt-a-Book - Recognize a loved one by dedicating a book in their honor.
  • Giving Tree - Supporting the Library by putting your or someone else's name on a leaf or acorn of our Giving Tree.
  • Club Conti - Dance it up at our annual fundraiser.
  • Donate Books - Donate new or gently used books. We are not currently accepting book donations at this time. Updated November 2023. 
  • Monetary Donation - Show your love of the Library by supporting our collections, programs, technology, services, and building projects with a monetary donation.

Read below for more information. If you are interested in donating, please follow this link to donate online, print & use the PDF of the form below & turn it in to the Library, or contact us


Your support means the world to us. Any donation, big or small, can help support the Library in our efforts to serve the community.  Thank you!

Screenshot of the Library's donation form.



kim muralBooks & Botanical Benches - A Memorial Garden for Miss Kim

Photo collage of people attending the dedication ceremony of the Memorial Garden and Benches.It has been over 2 years since our lovely Miss Kim passed away. As Head of Kids & Teens, she made a positive impact on many lives, and one special teen wanted to give back. The Library is thankful and honored to have been selected for an Eagle Scout project that created benches with planters built and installed on the west side of the building by early fall. 

Thank you to all the family and friends of Kim that showed up to the dedication ceremony in November to celebrate and remember Kim.  Also, a big thank you to everyone who donated to help make this project possible.  The Library will continue to accept donations to support ongoing planting and maintenance of the benches, as well as programming that will help us to keep Kim's memory in bloom and remember her amazing smile.

If you would like to contribute, visit our Square site.




Miss Carol from Kids & Teens hold a picture book donated and given a bookplate in honor of her granddaughter.Our Adopt-a-Book programs allows you the opportunity to share the interests of loved ones by dedicating books that celebrate their personalities, honor milestones, or commemorate their lives.

Fill out the donation form to tell us the reason for celebration, as well as the interests of the one being honored. We will choose books to add to the collection that represent your loved one, and will place a memorial plate inside the book to commemorate the person. 


Take a look at some of the books that have been purchased as gifts, dedications, or to honor someone special:



Giving Tree

The Giving Tree of donated leaves and acorns, with a close up of a leaf inscribed with the Silverstri family name.Make your mark on the Library.  Add to our shared history and growing future by adding to the Library's Giving Tree.

Fill out the donation form to purchase a leaf, acorn, or mini tree.  Tell us what name or message to inscribe, and then your contribution will be added to our Giving Tree on display in the lobby of the Library.



Donating Books

Table filled with books arranged spine-side up for a book sale.If you are interested in donating your gently used books, you may drop them off in the donation bin located to the left of the Circulation Desk. Donated books may be added to the Library’s collection or sold on the Friends of the Elmwood Park Public Library book sale shelf. Book sale profits help the Friends support Library programs, collections, and events. Unused or unsold donations will be recycled through a service that also generates revenue for the Library.


Please note that donations to the Library are tax-deductible and while staff can provide you with a donation receipt, we cannot determine a value to the donation.


We are not currently accepting book donations at this time. Updated November 2023. 

Club Conti Annual Fundraiser

We are disappointed to announce that our annual Club Conti fundraiser has been cancelled for September 2020. We have fond memories of the costumes, music, food, and fun at our previous events and wanted to share some of our favorite photo booth memories.

We are very grateful for your past support, which funded the remodeling of our Kids & Teens programming room (The Imaginarium). We are looking forward to when we can begin planning events again and get your ideas on the next theme.

Collage of photographs of people in costumes attending the Library's first three fundraisers.