Elmwood Park Public Library cards provide you with access to our:

Elmwood Park Public Library is a member of the SWAN network, along with 101 other suburban libraries. This means that if our copy of a physical item is checked out or we do not own an item, we can easily get library material from other libraries for free.  You can also visit and use your Elmwood Park library card at any public library in Illinois.


Get or Renew a Library Card

  • library card eppl 1 400wElmwood Park library cards are FREE
  • Library cards are valid for three years, upon which time you will be required to renew your card. 
  • New or renewed library cards are issued from opening until one half hour before closing.
  • Elmwood Park Public Library reserves the right to refuse to issue a library card to patrons who do not meet the identification requirements and/or those who have delinquent accounts at other libraries.
  • You are responsible for all materials checked out on your card.
  • View our Circulation Policy (Updated July 2021).


Adult Library Cards

To get an Elmwood Park library card, adults 18 years of age and older must present the following identification in-person:

  1. A photo ID (current Illinois Driver’s License or State ID) with your name and current Elmwood Park address.
  2. If your photo ID does not show a current Elmwood Park address, then we will require an additional piece of identification that displays your name and Elmwood Park address, such as:
    • current utility bill
    • current phone bill
    • mortgage payment book
    • paycheck (with name, address, and date)


Kids & Teen Library Cards

Kids & Teens under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign for a card.  This adult must show the same forms of ID as listed above.

Both parent and child must reside at the Elmwood Park address and the child must be present at the time.


Renew Your Library Card

EPPL cards are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. To renew your Elmwood Park library card you need the same items that you would need to get your library card for the first time - see above. Renewals must be done in-person. 


If You Lose Your Card

If your library card becomes lost or stolen, please contact us immediately so that we can put a stop on your card to prevent others from using and abusing your card.  We can then work with you on a temporary solution or to replace your card.


Temwebsite digital card4porary Digital Access Cards - Elmwood Park Residents Only

If you are an Elmwood Park resident who is unable to make it into the Library building to get a physical library card, then you can instead apply for a temporary digital access card:

Please note that you cannot checkout physical library material with a temporary digital access card. Newly registered cards are valid for 90-days (requiring in-person library verification for further extension).

Click here to apply online for a temporary digital access library card.


Chicago Residents

Image of a Chicago Public Library Card.If you live in Chicago (including the Chicago 60707 zip code), you can use your Chicago Public Library card at Elmwood Park Public Library and other SWAN libraries.  To do so, you must:

  • Bring in your current & valid Chicago Public Library card + a current photo ID.
  • With that information we will verify that your library card is in good standing (no outstanding bills, privilege must not be expired) within the Chicago Public Library system.
  • Once verified we will enter your Chicago Public Library card into our SWAN system, so that you can checkout material at Elmwood Park and other SWAN libraries.
  • Privilege is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. To renew your privilege, you need to provide your current CPL card and photo ID. 


Non-resident Elmwood Park Property Owners

A business owner who owns property in Elmwood Park, but does not reside in Elmwood Park, may be issued a library card for the business, though not employees. The owner of the business must request the card and provide proof of the business location (current paid tax bill) and a photo ID. One card will be issued to the owner as stated on the current paid tax bill. The Library card will be valid for one year. There is no fee for this Library card.


School Library Card

Are you interested in being able to check out books and other material for your classroom, but don't have a personal library card? We can issue your school a library card for use at the Elmwood Park Public Library.

This kind of card is created as an Intergovernmental Agreement between the school and the Library. Once this arrangement is in place, we can designate certain staff members of the school as the primary users of the card.

To set up an arrangement or for more information, please contact Francesca Romito at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..