Notice 8/23/21: Per Cook County Department of Public Health, masks are required for everyone indoors, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. 
Disposable masks are available at service desks.  If you cannot wear a mask or are not ready to visit at this time,
please use Curbside Pickup, Home Delivery, our Digital Collections, or contact us to see how we can assist you.  Thank you.


Important Information about Library Cards


ExpandedCardInfo FB PostIs Your Card Expiring? - While you can come into the Library to renew your card, please note that if your Elmwood Park library card was/is set to expire anytime between January 1, 2020 - December 24, 2021, it has been / will be automatically renewed through December 25, 2021.

Forgot Your Library Card Number? - You need your library card number to access our digital collections.  If you've forgotten it, click here to try to recover your library card number.

Forgot Your PIN? - In addition to your library card number, you also need your PIN number to log in to digital services.  If you've forgotten it,  click here to reset your PIN number.

Don't Have a Card?  Get a Temporary Digital Access Library Card - Temporary online cards are available for Elmwood Park residents unable to make it into the Library building to get a physical library card,  Follow this link to apply online for a temporary digital access library card so that you can access all of our digital resources, including eBooks and databases

*Please note that you cannot checkout physical library material with a temporary digital card.



Manage My Account

Using the My Account feature of the SWAN Online Catalog allows you to view your account, see what items you have checked out, renew items, pay fines, and place and manage holds.  Below is an introductory video explaining the basics of My Account, or keep scrolling down the page for more details about using the features of My Account.  As always, if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask staff for help!

My Account Basics - Video Overview


Log In to My Account with Library Card Number & PIN

login2 500wVisit the SWAN Catalog and click on either Log In (or My Account) (1) in the upper right corner. A pop up screen will appear and prompt you to enter your Library Card Number and PIN (2). Then click on Log In.

  • Your Library Card Number is the number on the back of your library card starting 2120800.  Don't have a library card?  See Get or Renew a Library Card for more information)

  • A PIN is just a password using numbers. It must be at least 4 characters long, but preferably 6 or more.


forgot pin 400Forgot Your Pin?

If you forget your PIN, then you can click on the Forget My PIN (3) link and another pop-up window will appear where you will enter in your Library Card Number (4).  Once you click Submit, SWAN will then send you an email with a link to reset your PIN.  

NOTE:  This will only work if you have an email attached to your Library Card Account.  Please speak to staff at the Circulation Desk to add an email address to your account if you do not already have one attached.


Change your PIN

change pin 400If you know your PIN but decide you want to change your it (perhaps so that you can better remember it, or to improve the PIN’s strength), you can easily update it.

Once you log in, then click on My Account (1), and your account information will appear.  Click on the Personal Information tab (5) and then select the Change Pin menu (6) where you will be given the opportunity to create a new PIN.

Staff Assistance

If you need help with your PIN, staff at the Circulation Desk can also delete your old PIN and help you create a new one of your choosing. NOTE: For security & privacy, your PIN is encoded so that staff cannot read it.


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My Library Account Status

status 400wWhen you log in to My Account, you will see a quick summary on the right hand side:

  • Status (7).  What do these new Statuses mean?
    • OK - This means your account is in good standing with no money owed, and no items overdue.

    • Alert - This means that that you owe less than $25.00 on your account for any or all of the following:
      1. Past fines for items that were returned late.
      2. Accruing Estimated Fines for items that you still have checked out but are currently overdue.
      3. Bills for items that were damaged or lost and never returned. Once you owe enough money your account will become Blocked.

    • Blocked - This most likely means that your account has accumulated $25.00 or more in fines for the reasons listed above.  Once your account is blocked, you can no longer check out items, place holds, use our internet stations, or log in to our databases.

  • Checkouts (8) - You will see how many digital and library items you currently have checked out.  If any are overdue, you will see a red exclamation mark.

  • Holds (9) - You will see how many digital and library holds you have.  If any are Ready for Pickup, you will see a green exclamation mark.

  • Fines (10) - You will also see how much you owe in fines, if anything.  If you do owe money, you will see a red exclamation mark.  NOTE: The amount shown here is only for fines mentioned in #1 & 3 above, and does NOT reflect currently accruing Estimated Fines (#2 above), even though accruing Estimated Fines DO contribute to your Status.


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View & Renew Checked Out Items

While logged in to My Account you can click on the Checkouts tab (11) to see what items you have checked out with your library card.

checkouts 500wUnder Checkouts, there are two collapsible sections to display either:

  • Digital Checkouts (12) - These are the eBooks and eAudiobooks that you have checked out from either Overdrive/Libby or Axis 360.

  • Library Checkouts (13) - These are the physical items (books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, etc.) that you have checked out from the Library.

Under each section you will see a summary of the total number of items checked out, and how many (if any) of those items are overdue. (14) 

Beneath that will be a table of your checked out items, with sortable columns detailing important information:

  • Title/Author (15) - This column lists the item with its title and author. It also tells you the call # of the item (which is the label on the book that tells you where it goes on the shelf) and the barcode of the item (which we use to checkout the item to you).  Finally, it tells you if you have reached your renewal limit.

  • Times Renewed (16) - This column tells you how many times you have renewed the item.

  • Date Due (17) - This is when the item is due.  If an item is overdue, there will be a red exclamation point in the first column (18).

  • Sort- Click on the tiny double arrows at the top of any column to sort that column. (e.g. You can sort your items alphabetical A-Z, or reverse it to be Z-A.)


Renewing Items

Generally, most library material (books, magazines, DVDs, CDs) will automatically renew themselves two days before they are due, as long as there are no holds on the item.  (Click here for more information about loan periods and renewals.)

But if you want to manually renew an item, just check the box(es) next to the desired item(s) (19), then click on Renew (20).  If you want you can also click on Select All (20) and then Renew (20) to renew everything you have checked out.  Once you have done this, under each item will be a message letting you know if the item renewed successfully (or if it could not renew due to holds on the item), along with an updated due date and times renewed.  NOTE: If an item has reached its renewal limit, you will not be able to check the box (19).


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Pay Your Fines

fine payment2 500wIn addition to paying off your fines in person at the Circulation Desk in the Library, you can also pay your fines online.  While you are logged in and viewing My Account, click on the Fines tab (21), and then on the Current Fines/Blocks section (22).

In this section, you will see your total number of Current Fines/Blocks and the total amount due (23).  Below that is a table that details the title and barcode of the item (24), the reason for the fine (25), and the amount of fine owed for that item (26).  Fines are generally added to your account for items being returned late, items being lost, or items being damaged.

To pay your fines, just check the boxes for the items you want to pay off, or click on Select All (27). Then click on Pay Elmwood Park Library via Credit Card (28).  You will then be guided through entering your credit card and billing information. Once you submit your payment, your fine will be cleared off of your account.


Accruing Fines

The Current Fines/ Blocks detailed above does NOT include any currently Accruing Fines (29) for items that are currently checked out and overdue. You will not be able to pay off fines being accrued for an overdue item until that item is returned to the Library, even though the estimated accruing fines are contributing to your account status (see above).  Keep in mind that if you have too many unpaid fines, your account will become Blocked from placing holds, checking out, and using computers at the Library.  So don't let those fines pile up!


Payment History

You can also view all the payments you have made in the past by clicking on the Payment History  section (30). You will then see a table that details all the items you have paid for, the reasons for those fines, the date the fines were added to your account, how much you payed, the payment method, and when you paid for the item.


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