Our new SWAN Library Catalog is finally here!  For more information about it, check our New Library Catalog page.  If you have our catalog bookmarked, please make sure to update the link to:  https//catalog.swanlibraries.net/eps

Using the My Account feature of the SWAN Online Catalog allows you to view your account, renew books, pay fines, or place holds.  Below is a guide to walk you through using the features of My Account.  Please be patient as we continue to add new screenshots and information.  In the meantime, don't hesitate to ask staff for help!

Log in to My Account on SWAN

my account 400Visit the SWAN Catalog and click on either Log In or My Account (1) in the upper right corner. A pop up screen will appear and prompt you to enter your Library Card Number and PIN (2).  (Your Library Card Number is the number on the back of your library card starting 2120800.  Don't have a library card?  See Get or Renew a Library Card for more information)

What is a Pin?

A PIN is just a password using numbers and letters.  It must be at least 4 characters long.   

NOTE:  With our transition to an updated SWAN catalog in April 2015, all PINS were reset to be the last four digits of your phone number, providing you had a phone number attached to your Library account.  If not, then a randomly generated PIN was assigned to you.  If you have not done so yet, we recommend changing your PIN to one of your choosing.

Forgot Your Pin?

forgot pin 400If you forget your PIN, then you can click on the Forget Your PIN (3) link and another pop-up window will appear where you will enter in your Library Card Number (4).  SWAN will then send you an email with a link to reset your PIN.  Note:  This will only work if you have an email attached to your Library Card Account.  Please speak to staff to add an email address to your account if you do not already have one attached.

If you need help, staff can also delete your old PIN and enter in one of your choosing for you. 

Change your PIN

change pin 400You may decide you want to change your PIN (perhaps so that you can better remember it, or to improve the PIN’s strength).

First click on My Account (1) in the upper right.  Your account information will then appear.  Click on the Personal Information tab (5) and then select the Change Pin menu (6) where you will be given the opportunity to create a new PIN.

My Library Account Status

status 350When you log in to My Account, you will see a quick summary on the right hand side:

  • Status (7).  What do these new Statuses mean?
    • OK - This means your account is in good standing with no money owed, and no items overdue.
    • Delinquent - This means that that you owe money on your account, either for past Fines, or for current accruing Estimated Fines.  Once you owe enough money your account will become Blocked.
    • Blocked - This means that for whatever reason your account is blocked, and you can no longer check out items or place holds.  The most likely cause for a Blocked status is for owing too much money between both Fines and Estimated Fines.
  • Checkouts (8) - You will see how many digital and library items you currently have checked out.  If any are overdue, you will see a red exclamation mark.
  • Holds (9) - You will see how many digital and library holds you have.  If any are Ready for Pickup, you will see a green exclamation mark.
  • Fines (10) - You will also see how much you owe in fines, if anything.  If you do owe money, you will see a red exclamation mark.

Set Up Text Messaging

text messaging 400If you would prefer to get text notifications rather than emails or phone calls, then click on the Personal Information tab (11) and then the Set Up Text Messaging menu (12).

Click on +Add New (13) and a new window will pop up where you can type in a name for your phone, the phone number, and country code.  You can then select which types of notifications you would like to receive (14), such as just when items are overdue or when your holds are ready for pickup.

View & Renew Checked Out Items

While logged in to My Account you can view both what physical library and digital items you have checked out to your account.

renew 500The table below then shows you the items, as well as when they are due and how many times you have renewed each item (19).  If you click on the tiny double arrows (20) at the top of any column, you can sort that column.  e.g. You can sort your items alphabetical A-Z, or reverse it to be Z-A. Click on the Checkouts tab (15), then choose either the Digital Checkouts (16) or Library Checkouts (17) menu to view your items.  (Reminder:  Library items are physical books, DVDs, etc.  Digital items are eBooks, eAudiobooks, etc.)  A quick summary at the top will tell you how many items you have checked out and how many are overdue (18).   If you see a red exclamation point over the Checkouts tab, that means you have something overdue.

If there is an item you want to renew, just check the box(es) next to the desired item(s) (21), then click on Renew Marked (22).  If you want you can also click on Select All (22) and then Renew Marked (22) to renew everything you have checked out.  Once the item is renewed, the new due date will appear along with red text letting you know how many times you have renewed the item.  Keep in mind that some items you can renew twice, some once, and some not at all. See the Circulation Periods and Fines Policy to learn more.

Also keep in mind that if the item you are trying to renew has holds on it, you will not be able to renew it all, even if it is the type of item you usually could renew.  This is because our system works to ensure that everyone’s holds are getting fulfilled.

digital checkouts 400If you are viewing the Digital Checkouts menu (16), the screen is very similar.  You will see how many items you have checked out.  You will see the Format of the digital item (mp3, ePub, etc.) (23), as well as the Expiration Date (24), which is the same as the Date Due.  Reminder:  You can never keep digital items overdue, as they will automatically become unavailable on the Expiration Date.

Then, if you need to download the item to your computer or device, you can click on the Download (25) button to do so.  Though oftentimes the best way to download the item is through whichever app you are going to use to view or listen.  Click here for more information on our various digital offerings and getting started with the necessary apps.

When you are done with the item, it is possible that it may let you return the item early.  Just check the box next to the item, and then click on Return (26).  If those buttons are grey, then you won't be able to return those items through My Account in SWAN. 

Manage Your Holds

If you see a green exclamation point hovering on the Holds tab, that means you have a hold that is ready for pickup at the Library.  Just click on the Holds tab to view either the Digital Holds (eBooks and eAudiobooks) menu or the Library Holds (physical books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) menu.  If an item says Available, that means it is ready for pickup.  If it says Unavailable, you are still in the holds queue.

You can cancel any holds that you no longer want. 

You can also Suspend your items by checking the box for the item you want and clicking on Suspend.  This is useful if you are going on vacation and you think your item might show up while you are gone.  Since we only hold items for seven days once they are ready to be picked up, you don’t want your item to get returned without the chance to check it out!  So when you Suspend your item, it prevents you from being the next person on the list to get the item.  You will still move up the waiting list, you just won’t be the person to get the item.  But as soon you Unsuspend your item, you will again be allowed to be the next person to get the item! 

Of course, as you are searching the SWAN Catalog while you are logged in to My Account, you can always request books, movies, and music by clicking on the Place Hold link next to the item.  Staff are always happy to help you put items on hold, as well!

Pay Your Fines

Click on the Fines tab and the Current Fines/Blocks menu to see the fines you owe.  This will include the fines for items that were returned late, as well as the estimated fines for items that are still checked out but are currently overdue.  Keep in mind that if you have too many unpaid fines, your account will become restricted from placing holds, checking out, and using computers at the Library.  So don't let those fines pile up!

To pay your fines, just check the boxes for the items you want to pay off, or enter a dollar amount at the bottom, then click on Pay.  You will then be guided through paying with a credit card.

Of course you can always come in to the Library to pay your fines in person, as well.  

Reading History

While staff cannot keep track of what you have checked out in the past, My Account will keep track of the things you have checked out.  This is nice if you want to remember that book you read a while back so that you can read it again or recommend it to a friend.

But if you are uncomfortable with this option, you can always turn Reading History off under the Personal Information tab and then the Preferences menu. 

My Lists

If you want to keep track of and organize your items, you can with My Lists.  As you search the catalog while you are logged in you can add items to a My Lists.  When you do this you will have the option to select which list to save it to, as well as creating new lists.

Managing your Preferences My Library Account

 Click on the Personal Information tab and then the Preferences menu to customize which tab and menu is automatically displayed when you are logged in.  You can also click on the Text Messaging menu under Personal Information to set yourself up to receive text notifications about overdue items, holds and more.

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