Elmwood Park Public Library provides fax services for the public. Just bring your documents and ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Sending a Fax

We charge a small fee depending on the area code of the phone number to which you are faxing:

  • All Illinois area codes and Toll free numbers cost $1.00 per page.
  • Out of state phone numbers cost $2.00 per page.
  • International phone numbers cost $3.00 per page.

Do you HAVE to fax it?  You can use our copiers to scan documents directly to email as PDFs for free.  Please ask staff for assistance if you need help. 

Receiving a Fax

Do you need a place to have a fax sent to you?

  • Our fax number is:  708.453.4671.
  • Using the Library to receive faxes costs $0.50 a page.

If you’re expecting a fax at the Library, please give us a courtesy call at 708.453.7645.