wonderbooks2 500wAudio + print bound together for literacy and fun!

Check out a new way to read with our new collection of Wonderbooks (from Playaway). 

Every Wonderbook is a print book with a ready-to-play audiobook inside.  Kids can listen out loud, or plug in headphones. Click the green button to turn the audio device on, and then the orange button to press play. 

Click here to see what titles are available in the SWAN Catalog.  Or come to the Library and browse the collection, located in the Kids & Teens AV section, 



Turn the pages and read along as the audio reads the book out loud.  

wonderbooks1 500wResearch shows that hearing and seeing words at the same time can improve reading success rates. Wonderbooks give kids an edge with vocabulary development, phonics, and comprehension, plus encourages deeper engagement with every book.


Learning Mode

After reading along, kids can switch the Wonderbook into Learning Mode to keep talking about the book they just read.

  • Fun, narrator-led question and answer session
  • Open-ended, educator-vetted questions about the story they just read
  • A powerful way to teach parents how to dialogue with their children about books