Assignment Alerts

Have a project coming up? Email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call us (708.395.1239) with details about the assignment (topics, how many students, types of material needed, etc.) and we can pull books or other material in advance to be set aside at our desk for your students.

Depending on how many students are working on the assignment, and what the topics are, we may not always have enough for everyone, so we can then also get materials from other local libraries in our library system to add to the books we pull to be set aside.

In either scenario, we ask that you give us at least one week’s notice so we have time to have material ready for your students.


Classroom Loans & Book Discussions

Do you need a set of books to use in your classroom or for a group book discussion? We can get them for you from our collection or other libraries in our system, often for an extended check out period. All you need is a valid Illinois library card. Or if you don't have that, you can ask your school librarian if your school has a school library card and who the authorized users are.



The Library subscribes to a large collection of online databases that are available to you and your students for research and learning. All of these databases are accessible through our website using a valid Elmwood Park library card. We can also work with your school to provide access to these databases in your school libraries.

We are also happy to come to your school and show your students how to use these databases effectively for their research assignments. 



We do our best to keep current copies of all the textbooks used in the EPCUSD 401 schools. This means that your students have access to homework materials even if they forget their books at school. Please let us know if we are not up to date on the textbooks that your class is using and we will happily update them.


Explore-To-Go Kits

We were excited to present our collection of kits that address different topics such as science, languages, and crafts, and more. Each kit contains books and activities on a certain topic for kids and families to explore at home (or in the classroom).


Library Literature for Distribution

If you feel as passionately as we do that the Library is an important resource for your students, use some of these brochures and flyers to pass along to your students and their families.  We are making an effort to have more of our literature translated into Spanish and Polish, but if you find there is a piece of information you would like to distribute that needs a translation, please let us know.