community4 400wIf you are interested in better reaching your community by having your organization listed on the Community Corner page of Elmwood Park Public Library's website, please fill out the form below.

(Or if you prefer, you can print and fill out this PDF form and return it to the attention of Jason Stuhlmann at the Library or via email at

While we cannot develop or host individual websites for every organization in town, we would like to create profile pages in our Community Corner for each organization, listing important information such as upcoming events, photos, description, contacts, meeting information, and links to relevant websites or social media accounts.  See the Kiwanis page as an example.

While your participating organization may email us flyers or announcements to post at any time, the Library will send a reminder/form on a quarterly basis for updates.

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Information About Your Organization

  1. 1. What is the name of your organization?*
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  2. 2. Please describe your organization. What type of organization are you? (service, recreational, educational, etc.) What is your goal, mission, or purpose? History? What sorts of activities do you do? Etc.*
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  3. 3. Please list main and additional contact names, with email and/or phone, along with their positions at your organization. This is both for the public to know who to contact for more information, as well as a main person for the Library to contact with questions.*
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  4. 4. Meeting dates and locations (such as the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Library, or a list of all of 2018 dates)*
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  5. 5. The URL web address to your website if you have one (Example:, as well as any parent organization’s website.*
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  6. 6. The URL web address to any and all of your social media. (Example:*
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  7. 7. Optional: Is there anything else important that you would like us to include on your profile page? Upcoming events? Annual events/activities you do? Any flyers you’d like posted? Etc.
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  8. 8. Please upload your logo, photos, or flyers. While optional, it helps spruce up the webpage and give appeal to your organization with your branding (logo) and personality (photos from events). You can also email Jason at
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